iAnimal Green Sheet

Companion animals, wild animals and people all thrive best in a clean non-toxic environment. We are committed to improving the lives of all animals. WE all can make a difference! Use this list as guide when shopping and donating. 

Here are companies and non-profits that are taking an active stance in protecting and improving the natural environment and taking on the problems resulting from climate change, companies producing products or supporting organizations that are "green," and animal rights organizations that unite animal protection with climate protection.

All organizations on this list have earned an "A" or "A+" rating on the Charity Watch Report: www.charitywatch.org

Companion Animal Welfare

PetSmart Charities

19601 North 27th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85027


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Supports organizations active in animal rescue, spay/neuter, and education.

Wildlife Protection and Conservation

Sierra Club Foundation

85 Second St.

Suite 750

San Francisco, CA 94105


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Supports organizations that work to protect and restore the natural environment.

Defenders of Wildlife

1130 17th Street NW

Washington , DC 20036


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Protection of animals and plants in their native communities.

Center for Biological Diversity

PO Box 710

Tucson, AZ 85702


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Works to secure biological diversity and to protect water, land and climate that enables species to survive and thrive.

American Bird Conservancy

P.O. Box 249

The Plains, VA 20198


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Habitat conservation and restoration throughout the Americas.

Environment and Climate Change

National Park Trust

401 East Jefferson St.

Suite 203

Rockville, MD 20850


Tax Status: 501(c)3

Protecting America's most precious natural treasures for future generations.

Environmental Defense Fund

257 Park Avenue South

New York, NY 10010


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Practical and lasting solutions to the most challenging environmental problems.


50 California Street

Suite 500

San Francisco, CA 94111


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Using the law to protect natural heritage and to promote a clean energy future.


1612 K Street, NW

Suite 808

Washington, DC 20006


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Protecting the environment and communities from the adverse effects of irresponsible mining and energy development while promoting sustainability.

Earth Island Institute

2150 Allston Way

Suite 460

Berkeley, CA 94704


Tax Status: 501(c)3 

Umbrella for dozens of organizations promoting sustainability, environmental justice and journalism.