Adoption Contract

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The purpose of this contract is to create and/or memorialize the adoption and transfer of ownership of one dog from _______________________________________________


herein called Rescuer, to __________________________

Name : (formal) = _______________________________

Name : (informal) = ______________________________

Breed : ________________________________________

Age (unknown, but estimated to be approximately) _____
Sex: male/ female       neutered/ spayed/ intact

Color : ____________ markings ____________________

Ears : cropped / natural       Tail: docked / natural


Rescuer obtained this dog from a Pound under conditions such that particulars of age, breeding, registration, prior training, etc are unknown and untraceable. Therefore Rescuer makes no warrantees of any kind. Rescuer is of the opinion that the dog appears to be a _________________ and appears to have temperament & personality suitable for a family pet and companion if provided good training and handling by the Adopter. Participation in a "novice" obedience class is strongly recommended. Rescuer will at her convenience provide such advice or counseling as Adopter may request to deal with any problems of adjustment and training. Upon request , Rescuer will assist Adopter to apply for an Indefinite Listing Privilege from the AKC.


Adopter has paid / will pay (before __/__/__) the sum of__________ as a donation to reimburse Rescuer for a portion of expenses of rescue and rehabilitation. If Adopter chooses to terminate adoption and return dog to Rescuer within one month (or mutually agreed extension) , this sum will be refunded.


Transfer of ownership of this dog is in consideration of the following promises by Adopter These promises are material and are the essence of the bargain. Should Adopter ever become unable or unwilling to continue to fulfill these promises, Adopter shall notify Rescuer and arrange to return dog to Rescuer at a time of mutual convenience.


Adopter promises to LOVE the dog, to RESPECT the dog, and to TRAIN the dog in basic OBEDIENCE. Adopter promises to CARE FOR the dog in SICKNESS and in HEALTH. Adopter promises that the dog shall live in the house as a MEMBER OF THE FAMILY. Adopter promises to CHERISH and PROTECT the dog until death does them part.

If, for any reason, the adopter can no longer care for ___________and wishes to find a new home for the animal, the adopter MUST contact the Rescuer at the number below and return the dog to Rescuer only. No other party other that the listed Rescuer shall be responsible for the re-adoption of the animal.

Adopter __________________________________


address : _________________________________

phone number : ____________________________

date _________

Rescuer ___________________________________

phone number : ____________________________
Date _________